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College Planning

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College Without Worries has helped thousands of students gain admission to their college of choice. With our array of services, including strategic college planning, scholarship search and college funding, we make paying for college education easy and affordable. With our breadth of resources, students and their families are gaining the financial knowledge they need to pay for college without breaking the bank. Learn more about how you can get started at
College Planning
College Planning

Our College Planning Process

College Without Worries ia a leading college planning services and financial aid consultant located in Franklin Square, New York. We believe that every parent regardless of background or financial status can send their children to college.

Step 1: Planning

This is where we determine the perfect college for your child and the career path he wants to undertake.

Step 2: Packaging and preparation

The next step is to take every possible step so your student will get accepted into his college of choice. One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is to make the student look the best on paper.

Step 3: Funding

Our college planning experts will help you come up with a way to pay the lowest possible amount as college fees.

What We Do

We want you to pay less for the best college education without negatively affecting your lifestyle.

You deserve a chance to access college education. Every student does.

College Funding

At College Without Worries, our aim is to help you pay for college education and still maintain your retirement goal. We want you to pay less for the best college education without negatively affecting your lifestyle.
Our college funding professionals will teach you:
1 How to save and at the same time afford college education
2 Ways of reclaiming out-of-pocket college expenditure
3 How to pay for several students attending college together

Ability Scholarships

Our ability scholarship experts will seek to:
1 Determine the college scholarships that your student is eligible for based on merit.
2 Check whether need-based financial help will be a major requirement in your college preparation. If yes, check how much you are eligible for.
3 Coach your family regarding every possible strategy to ensure that the out-of-pocket amount you pay as college fees is the lowest possible amount legally.
4 Provide multiple financial aid estimates based on your family’s situation. This way, you’ll know the possible aid you’ll stand to get from every school.


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David is a forward-thinking, strategic entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the finance and insurance business. His passion for helping people find easier, less-stress alternatives to taxing everyday tasks has propelled him to pursue his career as a proud owner and entrepreneur. His recent ventures include and College Without Worries guides future students to success on the college application journey from researching and planning to scholarship search and funding. Cover Seniors is a service that helps seniors select the right insurance plan and benefits with ease. Contact David Pfeffer today to learn more about and


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